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Dump Truck Insurance Southfield Mi – Call 800-998-0662

Dump Truck Insurance Southfield MiAre you looking for Dump Truck Insurance in Southfield Mi or the surrounding areas?

Then you’ve found the right place.

Pathway Insurance is a leading independent agency offering competitive commercial truck insurance programs for dump truck companies in Michigan.

Call us at 1-800-998-0662 or submit your information online by clicking on Dump Truck Insurance Southfield Mi.

Dump Truck Insurance Southfield Mi – Exclusions of Coverage

We press on with our series on exclusions of coverage, which are specific situations pointed out in the language of an insurance policy for which coverage would not be approved by the insurance company.

As before, the best advice we can give when it comes to exclusions of coverage is to read your policy very carefully! It is the most effective way to truly understand what is and is not covered on your Michigan Dump Truck Insurance policy.

Now let’s conclude our claims scenario illustrating why knowing your policy’s exclusions of coverage can help you in the future.

Southfield Mi Dump Truck Insurance – Claims Scenario Part 3

Last time, dump truck driver Artemis Puttlescruff, whose friends call him Art, had just agreed to participate in an amateur race with his dump truck against a cement truck. Art had been seeking some excitement in his life and it found him in the form of Sam the cement truck driver asking him to race her.

Though Art had some reservations at first, Sam assured him that the race was legal and would take place on private property far away from any real roads. Nervous but excited, Art agreed.

Later that day, Art shows up to the address Sam gave him. It’s a big clearing in the middle of the woods with a long, wide dirt track smoothed out in the center. There’s a modest crowd gathered on some wooden bleachers next to the track, and Sam is already standing with her cement truck pulled up to the starting line.

After going over the rules with Sam and her cousin, Art pulls his big dump truck up to the starting line next to Sam. A flag is dropped, a whistle is blown, and the race has begun.

Art shifts into gear and roars out of the starting zone as fast as his dump truck can take him. Out of the corner of his eye he can see that Sam is just about neck and neck with him. The crowd cheers at the big, loud spectacle as dirt flies behind the tires of the two massive vehicles.

Art gives her all she’s got and manages to eke out just ahead of Sam and cross the finish line first! The crowd can’t believe it; Art can’t believe it; then he remembers he needs to stop.

He slams on the brakes but he already knows it’s too late; the truck’s tires are sliding on the loose dirt. The dump truck slides beyond the race track and into the forest’s edge. It smashes into the trunk of a big tree.

Art just sighs. “I did ask for excitement,” he thinks to himself. “But I hope my boss’ insurance covers this.”

Tune in next week for the conclusion in part 4.

When Searching for Dump Truck Insurance in Southfield Mi Call Pathway Insurance.

Call us at 800-998-0662 when your business needs dump truck insurance in Michigan, or use our online quote submission system by clicking on Dump Truck Insurance Southfield Mi.

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