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Dump Truck Insurance in Waterford Mi – Quotes One Call or Click Away!

Dump Truck Insurance Waterford MiCall us toll free at 800-998-0662 to speak with a licensed dump truck insurance specialist or click on Dump Truck Insurance Waterford Mi to start your free online quote.

If you need Dump Truck Insurance in Michigan then you want an experienced agency to help you navigate all the complexities of coverage options.

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Dump Truck Insurance Waterford Mi – Exclusions of Coverage

We press on with our series on exclusions of coverage, which are specific situations pointed out in the language of an insurance policy for which coverage would not be approved by the insurance company.

As before, the best advice we can give when it comes to exclusions of coverage is to read your policy very carefully! It is the most effective way to truly understand what is and is not covered on your Michigan Dump Truck Insurance policy.

Now let’s conclude our claims scenario illustrating why knowing your policy’s exclusions of coverage can help you in the future.

Waterford Mi Dump Truck Insurance – Claims Scenario Part 4

In our last article, dump truck driver Artemis Puttlescruff, whose friends call him Art, had just won an amateur drag race in his dump truck against a cement truck. Art had been looking for some excitement in his life and he had found it.

However, immediately after winning the drag race he failed to brake soon enough and crashed head-on into a big tree trunk, almost certainly causing lots of damage.

The phone call to his boss at Humpty Dumpers Inc. was the most embarrassing half-hour of Art’s entire life. His boss, Big Doug Tickleslap, is predictably irate that one of his drivers had just smashed the front of one of his two remaining dump trucks, especially after having lost four other trucks to radioactive contamination just a month prior.

Big Doug tells Art that he’s lucky the dump truck has insurance. Art can’t help but agree.

Doug files the claim. A few weeks later, the expected letter from the insurance company comes in. The letter says that the damage to the dump truck has been valued at $11,000. The insurance company will be paying $0 of that sum.

Big Doug crumples into a ball and begins to weep, so Art finishes reading the letter for him. The insurance company cites the following exclusion of coverage detailed in Humpty Dumpers Inc.’s commercial auto insurance policy:

We will not pay for loss caused by you or an insured participating in or preparing for a prearranged or organized racing, speed or demolition contest, stunting activity or performance contest.

So even though the race Art participated in was not against the law, the policy under which the dump truck is covered specifically excludes coverage for damage resulting from any organized racing event.

When are these guys going to start reading their policy?

The Right Coverage for Waterford Mi Dump Truck Insurance!

The qualified agents at Pathway Insurance can help you find the coverage you need. Call us at 800-998-0662 or click on Dump Truck Insurance Waterford Mi to begin your online quote.

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