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No matter if you own tow trucks, dump trucks, log trucks, moving trucks, food trucks, tractor-trailers, small trucks, delivery vans for courier services, or non trucking insurance Georgia, we can help you find the commercial truck insurance you need.

We offer a number of different Georgia commercial truck insurance programs covering a variety of different business classes.

For example we offer specialized programs for:

· Tow Truck Insurance Georgia

· Log Truck Insurance Georgia

· Dump Truck Insurance Georgia

· Owner Operator Insurance Georgia

· Deadhead Insurance Georgia

· Cargo Truck Insurance Georgia

· Refrigerated Truck Insurance Georgia

· Moving Truck Insurance Georgia

· Courier Insurance Georgia

· Contingent Cargo Insurance for Freight Brokers Georgia

· Trailer Interchange Insurance Georgia

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Commercial Truck Insurance Requirements Georgia - What Coverage Do You Need?

Certain types of coverage are voluntary, other coverage such as liability is not.

Physical Damage Coverage - Covers accidental loss or damage to insured vehicles. Collision, comprehensive, and specified causes of loss coverage form available. A deductible applies.

Medical Payments Coverage – Medical payments provides compensation for injuries to driver/employees or other persons riding in the truck with your consent.

Uninsured & Underinsured Motors Coverage - Coverage for injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering to driver/employees entitled to recover from other parties not insured or underinsured.

Liability Insurance - Insurance protection for property damage and bodily injury policyholders are legally obligated to pay due to accidents. The mandatory minimum limits in the state of Georgia are found by clicking on Georgia liability insurance requirements

While it is certainly true the minimum limits place you in compliance with Georgia state law they will often not be sufficient in the event of moderate to severe accidents you are legally responsible for.

Choose Your Georgia Truck Insurance Coverage Wisely!

Any amounts not paid by insurance would be the responsibility of the employer or driver in the event you are a sole proprietor.

Example: Benjamin ‘Big Ben’ has worked for a sand and gravel company for the last 10 years making $15 per hour and working 60 hours per week on average. Big Ben hears about a new construction project that will need to hire over 100 independent drivers for hauling debris and they are paying $32 per hour with 50 hours per week guaranteed.

The only catch is that the drivers need their own vehicles and commercial insurance. Big Ben contacts the General Contracting Company and they tell him he has a good shot to get hired but he needs the truck and proof of insurance of $1 Million.
he finds is almost half the