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Tow Truck Insurance Clinton Township Mi

Tow Truck Insurance Clinton Township MiAre you looking for Tow Truck Insurance in Clinton Township Mi or the surrounding areas? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Call 800-998-0662 to speak with one of our experienced agents when shopping for Clinton Township Tow Truck Insurance. Or click on Tow Truck Insurance Clinton Township Mi to submit your information for a free quote online seven days a week.

Tow Truck Insurance in Clinton Township Michigan is Limited!

Only a relatively small number of insurance companies offer Tow Truck Insurance in Clinton Township.

That’s why Pathway Insurance is the right decision for you; we are an independent agency, meaning we can shop the market to find the best insurance programs for your situation, whether you’re a brand-new business or an existing company with years of experience. 

When shopping for Clinton Township Mi Tow Truck Insurance be aware that you should not simply purchase only the minimum liability limits.

Be Wise About Choosing Your Liability Coverage.

Tow Truck Insurance in Clinton Township can be expensive, so some tow truck business owners are understandably tempted to acquire only the required state minimum of coverage, under the assumption that they won’t have any accidents. But consider the following scenario:

After being laid off from his job as a tow truck operator, Richard Surlaw decides to put his knowledge of the business to good use and start a towing service of his own.

He gets a good deal on a couple tow trucks and opens Surlaw Towing out of his own workshop/garage. He theorizes that the scaling-back of his old employer will leave demand for towing that he could fill, and he was able to keep a lot of the tools and equipment he used for his old job since they were his own property.

Richard takes out a loan for some startup capital and then begins shopping around for tow truck insurance. It turns out that insurance rates for a new towing company without any previous history of insurance is pretty expensive.

Richard mulls over his options and decides to go with the state minimum liability limit, meaning he’s covered for $15,000 per person/$30,000 per occurrence, and $5,000 for property damage. He makes the down payment and gets to work.

A few months later Richard is pulling a broken-down Ford Taurus to a body shop when he loses control of his truck on black ice. He drifts into the oncoming lane and front-ends a Subaru Forester, totaling the vehicle and injuring the driver.

Claims are submitted to the insurance companies of the parties involved, and Richard is sued by the family of the injured driver for over $300,000 in damages. Even after negotiating a lower settlement in court, Richard is on the hook for $234,000, of which barely 1/5th is covered by his Clinton Township Mi Tow Truck Insurance policy.

Richard has no choice but to sell the business and liquidate everything to pay the remainder of the settlement. But it all might have been avoided had he purchased adequate coverage for his trucks.

Use Good Judgment When Looking for Clinton Township Michigan Tow Truck Insurance! 

Tow truck companies often have insurance policies providing coverage up to a million dollars. Is that enough coverage if you’re found legally culpable for an automotive accident that caused injury or death? That depends on a lot of factors, but it’s something that needs to be understood before you settle for the minimum coverage. Doing so could cost you much more in the long run.

Call Pathway Insurance Monday through Friday 9AM to 5:30PM at 800-998-0662 for your Clinton Township Mi Tow Truck Insurance needs, or click Tow Truck Insurance Clinton Township Mi seven days a week for free quotes.

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