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Tow Truck Insurance Detroit Michigan, One Call or Click Away!Wrecker Service

If you own a tow truck operation operating out of Detroit Michigan or the surrounding areas we can help you find the commercial tow truck insurance you need for your business.

Call Pathway Insurance at 1-800-998-0662 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST to speak with licensed agents, or if it is on the weekend, or after normal business hours online agents are available to answer questions and provide quotes seven days per week.

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Tow Truck Insurance Detroit MI: Is This Claim Covered?

In a previous article you can read when you click a question was raised:

Would your insurance cover you if you got into a physical confrontation with a person having his vehicle repossessed?

Let’s consider the rest of the account to learn what happened.

Previously: Larry yells at Tiny Tim to unhook his Mustang or he will call the police.  Tiny Tim calmly informs Loser Larry of the repossession order showing Larry a copy. This infuriates Larry all the more and he yells again for Tiny Tim to unhook his vehicle and he waves the Louisville slugger in menacing way in tiny Tim’s direction.

Tiny Tim ignores Larry because he’s dealt with this type of situation hundreds of times, he keeps an eye on Larry out of the corner of his eye and just as he is almost finished, Larry decides to take action.

He steps forward and starts swinging his bat at Tiny Tim’s tow truck placing several huge dents in the vehicle and yelling for him to unhook his Boss 302.

Tiny Tim calmly pulls a cell phone out and calls 911, this infuriates Larry even more and he decides to try to knock the phone out of tiny Tim’s hand with the Louisville slugger. Larry swings the baseball bat at Tiny Tim.

Tiny Tim was prepared for the swing and pivots backward and grabs the baseball bat out of Larry’s hands and immediately pushes back with the baseball bat.

Larry who was still half intoxicated loses his balance, trips, pinwheels to the right and hits his head on the hood of his Boss 302, immediately knocking himself out.

The police arrive, they call an ambulance and question Tiny Tim. Fortunately a neighbor saw the whole thing and comes out to talk to the police and provide a witness statement.

Larry the loser incurred a severe concussion with a brain injury, was arrested for assault on Tiny Tim, despite this arrest he finds a shady attorney willing to file a lawsuit against Tiny Tim for $2 million for his brain injury.

Will Tiny Tim’s general liability insurance or commercial automobile insurance come to his aid with this pending lawsuit?

We will consider this in our next article.

Great Rates on Detroit Michigan Tow Truck Insurance Are Available Right Now!

If you’re looking for better options for tow truck insurance call Pathway Insurance at 1-800-998-0662 Monday through Friday or use our convenient online rate quote submission system when you click Commercial Tow Truck Insurance Michigan

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