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Tow Truck Insurance Lansing Mi – Online Agents Available 7 Days a Week.

Tow Truck Insurance Lansing MiWhen shopping for Tow Truck Insurance in Lansing contact Pathway Insurance. We have agents ready to provide quotes, issue policies, send certificates of insurance, accept payments, or file claims for clients insured through our company online 7 days a week until 5:30 PM (EST).

You can also reach us by phone Monday – Friday 9AM to 5:30PM by calling 800-998-0662 (EST).

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Pathway Insurance is a licensed independent agency representing numerous companies offering competitive rates for Tow Truck Insurance in Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida directly, as well as in the remaining fifty states through our authorized agent network.

Lansing Mi Tow Truck Insurance – Understanding Exclusions of Coverage

In my last article I talked about something called Expected or Intended Injury and that it refers to any time bodily injury or property damage is either expected by or caused intentionally by or at the direction of any insured. In other words, it means that your commercial truck insurance policy will not cover you in the event that your actions were intended to cause harm, regardless of whether you succeeded or whether the outcome was more serious than what was intended.

In order to better understand Expected or Intended Injury let’s take a look at an example scenario that involves this exception:

Chucky Jones is an employee of Reiterex Towing Services and is known to lose his temper often and easily. On a Tuesday afternoon Chucky responds to a call to tow away a Chrysler Cirrus that’s been parked in a 2-hour parking spot for over half the day.

The owner of the Cirrus had already received a notice and a fine for the parking violation and left the scene.  Chucky shows up, finishes hooking up the Chrysler Cirrus, and is preparing to take off when the owner of the car, one Frederick Froth, finally turns up and demands that Chucky stop towing the car.

Chucky tells Frederick that if he can show something to verify that he owns the vehicle, and if he pays the fee, then Chucky will detach his vehicle and be on his way.

Frederick has clearly been into the bottle today and spares no time getting into Chucky’s face, saying that Chucky ought to drive his tow truck right off a cliff.

Not having any of this, Chucky tells Frederick that he can kiss any chance of getting his car back right now goodbye, and that if he wants it back tomorrow he can pick it up at the impound lot.

Frederick goes ballistic, ranting and raving every obscenity in the book toward Chucky. Shaking with rage himself, Chucky decides to climb into his tow truck and leave the scene before he does something he regrets.

But Frederick isn’t finished. He steps in front of the tow truck, blocking Chucky in, and continues to taunt him.

Chucky tries in vain to convince Frederick to get out of the way. Then he decides to lift his foot off the break just enough to inch forward a little bit, to scare Frederick into moving.

Frederick panics, thinking Chucky is going to run him over. He stumbles backward, falls, and gets a concussion from hitting his head on the parking lot cement.

The police are called. They take statements from everyone and then take Frederick to the hospital. A couple weeks later Reiterex Towing Services receives a lawsuit that names Chucky as a defendant for running Frederick over with his tow truck.

So the question is, will the Lansing Tow Truck Insurance policy issued to Reiterex Towing Services cover the costs of this claim and defend Chucky for his alleged attempt to run Frederick over with his tow truck?

The knowledgeable agents at Pathway Insurance are ready and able to answer tricky insurance questions like this one.

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The licensed agents at Pathway Insurance are available online seven days a week. Contact us by filling out your information for a free quote when you click on Tow Truck Insurance Lansing Mi.

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