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Tow Truck Insurance Macomb Mi – Fast Quotes and Great Rates!

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Comprehensive Coverage on Macomb Mi Tow Truck Insurance.

In our last article we began the saga of Steve and Archibald’s foray into the world of owning a towing business. Remember that the purpose of this scenario is to illustrate the importance of purchasing all of the right coverage, even when some of it is technically optional. So, without further ado…

All They Needed Was a Name…

The two decide to combine the names “Steve” and “Archy” into “Starchy”, and call their new business “Starchy Towing Inc”. They pool their money to make the initial investment to buy a tow truck and cover the insurance.

Naturally, they decide that Steve should be the driver. He uses some connections he’s made during his eight years of towing work to take some business away from his uncle. Archibald makes a few phone calls to his friends and acquaintances from pottery class to pull in jobs in an untapped market. Things seem to be going their way.

Comprehensive Tow Truck Insurance Is Expensive But Necessary.

Before they can truly get going, though, they need tow truck insurance. Steve gets quotes from multiple insurance companies serving the Kalamazoo area and is taken aback by the price for a full insurance package.

After shopping around for cheap tow truck insurance the best rate they can find for the tow truck they purchased is about $11,000 per year.

Steve and Archibald discuss their options and decide to go only with the most basic coverage and forgo the add-ons like On Hook coverage.

They buy the minimum required by Michigan law and get to work.

Business picks up pretty quickly for Starchy Towing. Steve makes more than double what he was making at his old gig. The hours are longer, sure, but the financial return is worth it.

Archibald does well, too. He makes enough to allow him to attend a second pottery class each week.

On a Thursday evening Archibald dispatches Steve to pick up a swanky sports car that was just involved in a minor fender bender.

Steve hooks up the sports car like he’s done a thousand times before and heads back toward headquarters.

It was a particularly long night, and pottery class had run late the night before, leaving Steve a bit more tired than he ought to be while behind the wheel.

To Be Continued

Check in next week for part three of Steve and Archibald’s business venture to find out what happens when Steve gets drowsy at the wheel.

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