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Tow Truck Insurance in Southfield Mi Quotes Are One Call or Click Away!

Tow Truck Insurance Southfield Mi Call us toll free at 800-998-0662 to speak with a licensed tow truck insurance specialist or click on Tow Truck Insurance Southfield Mi to start your free online quote.

If you need Tow Truck Insurance in Michigan then you want an experienced agency to help you navigate all the complexities of coverage options.

The agents at Pathway Insurance have the knowledge and the tools to help you find the coverage you need at great rates.

Southfield Tow Truck Insurance – Not Your Average Commercial Truck!

When most people think of tow trucks they conjure images in their heads of “hook and chain” trucks. These are designed to lift up the vehicle by the axle in order to tow it, but there are other kinds of tow trucks on the road with various advantages. 

“Wheel lift” trucks have a device that cradles the tires of the vehicle being towed to reduce the chances of any damage to the vehicle during towing, as it uses tires as the main point of contact. This makes the most of the tires’ shock-absorbent nature.

A “boom” truck is most often used to pull vehicles over an embankment or any sort of location that is too difficult to reach by normal means. Some booms use pneumatically powered telescoping tubes.

The “flatbed” truck has a large, hydraulically powered bed that can be raised and lowered to allow a car to easily drive or be pulled up the incline before being leveled out. It is then fastened and carried that way.This type of tow truck has the advantage of avoiding the pressure normally put on the rear wheels of vehicles being towed by the other types of tow trucks.

Tips to Keep Your Michigan Tow Truck Insurance Rates Low.

Illegally parked cars, broken down vehicles, and accident scenes are the bread-and-butter of tow truck services. But before you go haul your first job, take a look at these tips for minimizing the potential for accidents, thereby keeping your insurance rates low:

  • It may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure all of your systems and lights work.
  • Have your drivers wear brightly colored clothing and safety gear so they are easily visible while operating on the side of busy road or at night.
  • Treat scenes of accidents with care as they can often be nested in the middle of very busy traffic and keep your lights flashing to alert other motorists of your presence.
  • Be sure to outfit your drivers with an extra layer of warm, water-proof gloves, especially during those long Michigan winters.
  • Equipping your fleet with safety cones and portable lights can help to alert other motorists of your drivers’ presence as well.
  • Placing tool box access in a good location can reduce the amount of distance a driver needs to be from his truck, leaving him or her less likely to be struck by traffic.
  • Your drivers’ lives are important so keep them safe! It will have the added bonus of keeping your premiums low, too.

The Right Coverage for Southfield Mi Tow Truck Insurance!

The qualified agents at Pathway Insurance can help you find the coverage you need. Call us at 800-998-0662 or click on Tow Truck Insurance Southfield Mi to begin your online quote.

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