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Get A Quote Fast on Tow Truck Insurance in Taylor Mi!

Tow Truck Insurance Taylor MiWhen looking for fast quotes and great coverage for Tow Truck Insurance in Taylor Michigan and the surrounding areas contact Pathway Insurance.

We cover all kinds of towing operations throughout the state of Michigan including car dealerships, auto garages, and companies offering towing services exclusively.

Call 800-998-0662 today or click on Taylor Tow Truck Insurance to provide your information online for a quote.

Important Information To Watch For When Shopping for Taylor Mi Tow Truck Insurance.

On top of being certain you purchase the proper insurance for your business, make sure you’re also aware of optional-but-often-necessary additional coverage.

For example, you aren’t technically required to purchase On Hook Coverage to protect you from damage to the vehicles you tow, but operating without it is ill-advised.

Why is On Hook Coverage Worth It? Consider This Claims Scenario:

Crazy Larry’s All-Purpose Towing purchases standard coverage for its fleet of tow trucks but decides to forgo the optional On Hook Coverage.

A few days later, one of Crazy Larry’s tow trucks is called to tow away an old Ford that broke down on the highway.

While towing the old Ford to the shop, an eight-point buck bounds over the median and right into the traffic. With no time to react, the tow truck driver hits the unfortunate deer, sending it toppling over the top of the tow truck.

After pulling over to assess the collision, the driver finds that his tow truck has only minor damage to the bumper. To his dismay, however, he finds the buck lodged straight through the windshield of the old Ford.

Crazy Larry’s All-Purpose Towing submits a claim to its insurance provider. Though the damage caused to the front bumper of the tow truck is covered by their general policy, the insurance company denies the claim for damage to the old Ford’s windshield and torn-up interior because Crazy Larry’s trucks do not have On Hook Coverage.

There are other important forms of coverage that may be vital to the success of your towing service, depending on the types of services your company provides. We’ll revisit this subject in a future article. 

Tow Truck Insurance Taylor Mi – Fast Quotes and Coverage!

If you’re searching for a great deal on Tow Truck Insurance in Taylor Mi and the surrounding areas then call Pathway Insurance at 800-998-0662.

You can also send us a request online by clicking Tow Truck Insurance in Taylor Mi 24 hours per day.

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