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Tow Truck Insurance Westland Mi

Tow Truck Insurance Westland MiOwn an auto repair garage that provides a Towing Service in Westland, or a dedicated Tow Truck Company? Then for the best options for Commercial Tow Truck Insurance in Westland Mi call Pathway Insurance.

Pathway Insurance is a leading independent insurance agency offering great insurance rates and options for Westland Mi Tow Truck Insurance.

Call 800-998-0662 to speak with one of our experienced representatives Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5:30 PM or get a quote online seven days a week by clicking Tow Truck Insurance in Westland Michigan.

Be Sure That Your Liability Limits Are Adequate.

When shopping around for Tow Truck Insurance in Westland Michigan, one of the most important steps you can take is to make certain that you purchase adequate liability limits to cover your business. That is, make sure that you’re actually covered for an amount that matches how much business you do.

Imagine Tow Truck Company X, a moderately large business that has a fleet of eighteen vehicles, earns over $3.5 million a year in revenue, and has $900K of liability coverage.

Is $900,000 truly enough to cover an entity that does over $3,500,000 in business each year?

Imagine for example if a tow truck driver who works for Tow Truck Company X causes a serious accident involving fatalities and it is later found that the tow truck driver was under the influence of illegal substances while on the job. And imagine it is also discovered that the company missed a routine drug test that would otherwise have caught the problem.

A verdict in court over such a situation could very well assess $2 million in damages plus another 2  million in punitive damages against Tow Truck Company X.

If Tow Truck Company X has only $900,000 in coverage, this would almost certainly mean bankruptcy and liquidation.*

Could This Happen to Your Business?

This is admittedly a fairly unlikely scenario, but then again an employer is legally responsible to a large degree for the actions of its employees. There are many scenarios in which an employee’s actions could lead to your company being sued for an amount of money that exceeds your Westland Michigan Tow Truck Insurance policy limits, and in such cases the business would be responsible for paying any amount that isn’t covered by insurance.

The moral of the story is to choose your coverage limits based on what you realistically need to be truly secure and not simply based on the bottom line.

Need Commercial Tow Truck Insurance in Michigan? 

Not only will we help you find the coverage you require, but we can show you how a commercial umbrella policy will provide even better coverage for your business.

When you’re looking for the best options in Westland Mi Tow Truck Insurance call 800-998-0662 to talk with one of our licensed agents.

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*fictitious claim scenario

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