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We offer comprehensive Insurance for Michigan Tow trucks, Dump Trucks, Moving Trucks, Food Trucks, Log Trucks, Tractor Trailers, HazMat, Commercial auto for Contractors, Delivery Vans and Insurance for Michigan Couriers and much more!

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Michigan Tow Truck Insurance Is Becoming Harder to Find Here’s Why.

If you own a tow service company, auto repair garage, or car dealership and you own tow trucks that need commercial insurance you probably already know how hard it is to find good options for Tow Truck Insurance in Michigan and across the country right now.  

No less than 8 companies have stopped offering tow truck insurance and this has caused:

  • Huge Price Increases
  • Difficulties Finding Coverage – Especially for New Start Ups
  • Long Delays in Getting New Michigan Tow Truck Insurance Policies 

Why have companies stopped offering Tow Truck Insurance and left the market?   

Claims and losses have been more than expected and insurance companies are not unlike other companies they want to make a profit like any other business! 

For those companies still offering Michigan Tow Truck Insurance we have witnessed delays in quotes, higher pricing, cancellations of existing accounts, and a greater reluctance for insurance underwriters to make exceptions when companies do not meet the initial underwriting guidelines.

Michigan Tow Truck Insurance  — We Have a Number of Markets for Tow Truck Companies!

One of the largest Tow Truck Insurance Companies to exit the market left many agents without an alternative for those needing Tow Truck Insurance and on a weekly basis we have agents contacting us wanting to know what companies we have available.

The good news is that we represent a number of companies that  insure both new start up operations and well established tow companies. Please call us by dialing 800-998-0662 to speak with one of our specialist.

Michigan Commercial Truck Insurance – Low Rates & Coverage the Same Day! 

We can find coverage for nearly every conceivable line of Trucking Insurance in Michigan including:

Need coverage today? In most instances that is not a problem. Call 1-800-998-0662 or click on Michigan truck insurance quotes to send your information to us online and a licensed agent will get back with you shortly.

Don’t Make This Mistake on Michigan Truck Insurance!

Daniel Braxton an owner operator decides to allow his brother-in-law Jimmy Olsen, who has had a CDL license for six months, to make runs for him to give him time to recover from open-heart surgery.

Daniel has been a trucker for 30 years and has never received a citation, safety violation, or accident since he has been driving commercially. Additionally Daniel has established a referral network with a number of brokers and up and until the point he had the heart attack, Daniel was quite busy with little to no downtime.

Unfortunately Jimmy racks up a number of safety violations in a short period time and Daniel’s insurance company issues a cancellation for his truck insurance policy because of the safety violations.

Daniel speaks with an agent who finds a company to insure him but at double what he was paying before! Daniel signs the application and makes the down payment because he has no choice.

Unfortunately Daniel receives a cancellation letter from this new insurance company citing unacceptable safety violations.

Daniel contacts more than a dozen different insurance agents and no one can find coverage for his business. Daniel is forced to close his doors, sell his truck, and go to work for another company despite not fully recovering from his open-heart surgery.

Avoid safety violations and comply with hours of service requirements otherwise a once thriving successful business can be shut down due to noncompliance with DOT requirements!

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